The idea of manipulating paint makes me feel rather sick.

  -Rene' Magritte

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about the artist

Explore the midway of Chris Houtchen's mind. Walk the Sawdust paths and meet the residents in this sideshow of shadows and dreams.
A world of darkness created with light . . .

"Images in dreams and nightmares have always fascinated me. My art captures a 'snapshot' of what my mind sees in these visions and then the observer imagines what the story could be. Our eyes see with light and so I paint with light, revealing the shadows in us all."

"My desire is to communicate an impression, thought, or feeling and not to demonstrate craftsmanship. My focus is on what to paint and rather than how to paint it. I define, for myself, what it means to be a painter and artist and enjoy being defiant of the status quo."

Chris Houtchen was born in Owensboro, Kentucky and raised on a steady diet of The Munsters, Monty Python, and the films of David Lynch. He graduated college with a Theology degree and was a writer and public speaker for years.

Many artists have inspired Chris. A few names include, Charles Addams, Salvador Dali, Edward Gorey, David Ho, Edward Hopper, David Lynch, Bert Monroy, and Mark Ryden.

Chris's art has been on public display on stage, in film, and hangs on the walls of varied and discerning collectors, dead and undead alike. Thank you, one and all.

Now let the images speak to you.
Each has a story to tell.
There are wonders to be revealed
as you travel these corridors to destinations we see only at night

in our dreams . . .

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